Occupying more than 72 sq miles, Scarborough is one of the largest districts in Toronto, Ontario. The area is famous for its beautiful bluffs that rise above Lake Ontario. Besides having natural landmarks, the district is home to one of the largest shopping malls in the city. Click to book your Toronto tours.

Parks, Beaches and Nature Promotion
More than 10 parks are located along the Scarborough Bluffs, a geographical formation along the shores of Lake Ontario. From hiking and biking to swimming and other sports, these waterfront green spaces offer a variety of fun recreational activities for the whole family. Scarborough Heights Park is the westernmost point along the region's famous bluffs. This green space is neighbored by the Rossetta McClains Gardens that include beautiful roses and other seasonal flowers. The lush botanical gardens have gazebos and picnic tables that are shaded by dense foliage. Scarborough Crescent Park has tall cliffs that hug the natural arched shape of a small harbor. A tennis club is located at this pristine park that overlooks the lake from high above. If you make your way down to the Bluffs Park Beach, you'll gain access to lakefront promenades at ground level. A rocky beach is also open on a seasonal schedule at this popular park. Yacht and boat clubs are based at large marinas immediately east of the Bluffs Park Beach. Harbored by calm waters, these facilities offer charter cruises on Lake Ontario. Large enough to accommodate thousands of visitors, a sandy beach is located on the eastern side of Bluffers Park. You can hike to the top of the cliffs at the Cathedral Bluffs Park and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding beaches and other landmarks. The bluffs also offer great views of migratory birds that temporarily seek shelter in the tranquil area. Click to book your Toronto tours. Miles of hiking trails connect other lakefront parks in Scarborough, such as South Marine Park and Sylvan Park. The district's eastern boundary is naturally defined by the meeting point of the Rouge River and Lake Ontario. The Petticoat Creek Conservation Area is situated on the eastern banks of the meandering river. Flowing through the heart of the neighborhood, Highland Creek is also lined with several pristine green spaces. The Lower Highland Creek Park is situated at the mouth of this narrow body of water. As you hike farther northward along the creek, you'll pass through Colonel Danforth Park and Morningside Park.


Scarborough Town Centre is the main commercial hub in this section of Toronto. This indoor shopping mall has more than 250 stores in dozens of retail categories. Entertainment is available at the Cineplex Cinemas that anchors this major shopping complex. More than a dozen food options are available inside the Town Centre, and there are plenty of other restaurants in the mixed-used City Centre district. A subway station is conveniently located near the mall and adjacent high-rise buildings.

Visiting Scarborough

The GO Transit Stouffville Line stops at several stations in Scarborough. This commuter rail service connects Union Station in downtown Toronto with communities immediately to the east. The neighborhood is also served by the Go Transit Lakeshore East Line. Additionally, long-distance VIA Rail trains stop at the Guildwood Station. Operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the Bloor-Danforth subway terminates in this district. This subway route serves more than 30 stations in central Toronto and other neighboring sections within the city's boundaries. The Ontario 401 Express connects the community with North York, Pickering and other cities on the outskirts of Toronto. Kingston Road is a scenic route that leads drivers to the bluffs and beaches along the lake.
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