The Spectacular Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs is a natural wonder that straddles the shores of Lake Ontario between downtown Toronto and Scarborough. Eleven waterfront parks allow you to admire the scenic. Made from compressed sand and clay, the 15 km span of bluffs show the latter stages of the Great Ice Age. The lower 150 feet of the bluffs contain fossils that were deposited in a river delta that occurred in the first advance of the Wisconsinan glacier about 70,000 years ago. The upper 200 feet portion contains alternating layers of sand and boulder clay that were left by later advances and retreats of the ice. The last withdrawal of the glacier happened about 12,000 years ago. At its highest point, the escarpment stands approximately 300 feet above sea level. Click to book your Toronto tours.

How to Get to Scarborough Bluffs

When driving, follow Brimley Rd South going towards Lake Ontario. Follow this beautiful, tree-lined winding road down to Bluffer's Park. Keeping to your right, there's a large paid parking area to your right. Once parked, head towards the lake. Follow the path along the lake to the right and this will lead you to the beautiful Bluffs.

Parks, Beaches and Facilities

The Spectacular Scarbough Bluffs
The spectacular Scarbough Bluffs
Bluffer's Park is one of the most popular green spaces along the Scarborough Bluffs. Featuring multiple outdoor parking lots for hundreds of vehicles, this park includes a public beach that's open for swimming. Situated on Lake Ontario, the sandy beach is surrounded by miles of promenades and trails. There are also several rocky beaches near the marinas and boat facilities at Bluffer's Park. Situated at an elevation of approximately 300 feet, the Cathedral Bluffs Park offers spectacular views of Lake Ontario. There aren't any trails that connect this park with the beaches directly below. Having a small parking lot, Cudia Park occupies a heavily wooded area with trails that lead to the edges of cliffs. Featuring the historic Greek Theatre, Guild Park and Gardens occupies 50 acres along the heights of the Scarborough Bluffs. Colossal columns with Hellenistic architecture are centrally located on the lush grounds. The marvelous structures were once part of a Bank of Toronto branch that stood in the heart of the city. There are other architectural relics scattered in the park, such as columns and panels of former educational institutions, hospitals and other entities all over the world. Built in 1914, the Guild Inn still stands on tranquil hills of this lakefront area. Meandering trails lead visitors to the Guildwood Beach along the lake. However, the rocky terrain at this beach isn't suitable for any recreational use. As its name suggests, East Point Park is situated at the easternmost section of the Scarborough Bluffs. This green space includes multiple softball fields, a pavilion and other common facilities for the general public. More than 170 migratory birds stop at this waterfront green space that has several miles of looping trails. The Waterfront Trail at East Point Park leads to the mouth of Highland Creek, which roughly marks the end of the escarpment. A small pedestrian bridge crosses the creek and merges with other promenades that are part of Port Union Waterfront Park and Rogue Hill Beach. Click to book your Toronto tours.

Visiting Scarborough Bluffs

The Beautiful Green Space at Bluffers Park
Bluffer's Park is a beautiful green space at the Scarbough Bluffs
Having multiple lanes for eastbound and westbound travel, Kingston Road runs parallel to the Scarborough Bluffs. This road connects the Scarborough district with downtown Toronto. GO Transit commuter trains also make stops within walking distance of the bluffs. Located several blocks away from Bluffer's Beach Park, the Eglinton Station is served by the Lakeshore East Line. This rail line also stops at the Guildwood Station near the Friends of Guild Park & Gardens. Additionally, long-distance VIA Rail trains serve the Guildwood Station. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Subway trains can also drop you off near the western edge of the escarpment. You can take the Bloor-Danforth line to Victoria Park Station or Warden Station, which are both located less than 0.5 miles away from Scarborough Heights Park. If you have a generous budget and a desire to cruise Lake Ontario, you may hire charter boats at various marinas along the city's shoreline. The Harbourfront district and Bluffers Park are home to some of the top boating, sailing and yachting clubs in the area. Helicopter and airplane tours over Toronto are available at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport that's located on the Toronto Islands.

Location: The Bluffs stretch 15 km across Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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