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Located just west of downtown Toronto, the MZTV Museum of Television has a growing collection of more than 10,000 items relating to television. Visitors will see a large variety of TV receivers and sets from the early and middle parts of the 20th century. This museum also examines the cultural impacts of television and other forms of visual media. Click to book your Toronto tours.

Exhibits and Other Highlights

MZTV Museum and Archive in Toronto
Specialty museum that has classic TV sets from various eras
The MZTV Museum of Television has an entire exhibit that celebrates the achievement of pioneers who developed new technologies for television and motion pictures. For example, visitors will learn about American innovator Charles Francis Jenkins, who claimed more than 400 total patents in his lifetime. Other Americans who are honored in the exhibit include Allen B. Dummont and Philo T. Farnsworth. Additionally, the museum pays tribute to Russian inventors who revolutionized the television sectors on a global scale. Vladimir K. Zworkyn and David Sarnoff made tremendous contributions to the earliest forms of televised broadcasting in the 20th century. The World's Fair exhibit focuses on the unveiling of television sets and other technologies at several expositions in the United States in the early 20th century. These galleries present a wide range of materials on RCA and NBC, which took leading roles in the American television niches. The World's Fair galleries include photos and videos of popular pavilions and other installations that captivated the consumer markets in the 1930s and 1940s.
MZTV Museum and Archive in Toronto
Achievement of pioneers who developed new technologies for TV & motion pictures
Additionally, the MZTV Museum of Television hosts the First Star of Television exhibition, which focuses on a fictional character known as Felix. Introduced to the American audience in the 1920s, this giant cat appeared in animated films and television shows. Felix was even recorded at the Empire State Building and other prominent venues in New York City. The MZTV Museum of Television also presents various exhibits on Marilyn Monroe, one of the most prominent celebrities of the 20th century. Integrated into a cabinet with a copper finish, her personal TV set is on display. The Magnavox MV116J model was originally produced in the late 1950s. After careful restoration, this vintage-style TV set works well according to its original standards. Of course, the exhibit also covers the successful career of this Hollywood star. You'll see an original clip of her appearance in an advertisement for the Royal Triton Gasoline company. Exclusive television interviews and other appearances are also shown in the gallery that honors the iconic Monroe. For instance, you can see her in action at the Jack Benny Show that originally aired on CBS. Click to book your Toronto City Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. Temporary exhibits at this museum usually present content relating to the history and evolution of television worldwide. Some of the exhibits focus on the social aspects of television and other related technologies, such as the personal computer and smartphone. In today's digital age, visitors are encouraged to explore and admire the early years of television in North America.

Visiting MZTV Museum and Archive

MZTV Museum and Archive in Toronto
Collection of more than 10,000 items relating to television
The MZTV Museum of Television is conveniently located near several TTC streetcar stops on King Street and Dufferin Street in Toronto. This attraction is also within a few blocks of Exhibition Station, which is served by GO Transit commuter trains. Visitors may use free on-site parking that's designated for Zoomer Media, a company that's based in the same building. Additionally, the museum is less than 2 miles away from Bill Bishop Toronto City Airport on the Toronto Islands. Ferry service is available between the regional airport and the city's waterfront district.

Location: 64 Jefferson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6K 1Y4

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Published On: 2019-12-18
Updated On: 2019-12-18

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