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Explore the amazing world of illusions
The Optical Illusions gallery at the Museum of Illusions includes a wide range of photographs and three-dimensional objects that play tricks on the mind and eyes. As you stare at some of the stationary images, they'll seem to rotate, swirl and move in other confusing patterns. You'll also see images of impossible geometric shapes, such as interconnected triangles, cubes and spheres. The Ambiguous Cylinder is a top highlight in this gallery of the museum. If you dare to look at the Turntables exhibit, you might be temporarily hypnotized by the seemingly swirling motions of these artifacts. The Hollow Face Illusions prompts you to imagine a human face from simple hollow patterns on canvases. The Rubin's Vase is one of the most popular double-image illusions at the museum. Depending on how you view this image, you might see a traditional vase or two people facing each other in a kissing pose. Want to see plenty of reflections of yourself in the mirror? Check out the Clone Table and Kaleidoscope. The True Mirror also distorts your reflection into a surprising image. The Infinity Tunnel and Vortex Tunnel distort your perception of space and time in a shocking fashion. You can also walk into the Infinity Room, which generates an illusion of endless space. As the name suggests, the Gravity Room seems to defy the basic laws of physics that were introduced by the great Sir Isaac Newton. For example, you might see balls rolling up or doing other motions that seem impossible on earth. The Rotated Room essentially creates the illusion of a space that's completely inverted. You'll see other people walking on ceilings in this unique room. Click to book your Museum of Illusions Admission Ticket. Want to feel like a giant? Go to the corner of the Ames Room, which shrinks or magnifies objects depending on their relative positions. The Chair Illusion is another installation that challenges your perception of size in a confined space. Some other exhibits at the Museum of Illusions include holograms, the Head on a Platter and Tricky Stick. Designed for visitors of all ages, the Smart Playroom further stimulates your cognitive abilities. Children and adults can solve complex puzzles and other brain teasers at this fun setting. The Smart Shop should be your last stop at this fascinating museum. This on-site gift shop has books that reveal some of the secrets behind classic optical illusions.

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ArticleTitle in Toronto
Enter the world of illusions
Located on Front Street in downtown Toronto, the Museum of Illusions is within walking distance of several streetcar and bus stops on the busy King Street. For example, the 304, 503 and 504 streetcar lines run along this commercialized thoroughfare. Some buses that stop near the museum include the TTC 75, 142 and 144 routes. The nearest TTC subway station is Queen Station, which is part of the Yonge-University Line 1. Additionally, the attraction is located just a few blocks away from Union Station, which offers commuter and long-distance rail services. Drivers can reach the museum by taking the Gardiner Expressway, one of the busiest roads in the downtown district. On-site parking isn't available for visitors, but there are several garages and lots in the vicinity, such as the King George Square Lot.

Location: 132 Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5A 1E2

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