Mount Pleasant Cemetery

This Toronto cemetery is noteworthy for many reasons. Many compelling personalities are laid to rest within its sprawling grounds, including Canada’s longest-serving Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King and celebrated researchers Dr. Frederick Banting and Dr. Charles Best, who discovered insulin in 1922. Mount Pleasant Cemetery is also known for its stunning tree collection which has become one of the top arboretums in North America.

An Historic Cemetery

For over a century, Mount Pleasant Cemetery has served as the final resting place for many great figures, including politicians, doctors, artists and musicians. Classical pianist Glenn Gould, Canada’s first female surgeon Jennie Smillie-Robinson, and Canada’s most celebrated war hero Lt. Col. William Barker are just some of the prominent people laid to rest at this cemetery. Mount Pleasant Cemetery also houses the mausoleums of the well-known Massey and Eaton families; these massive structures are impressive to view with their stunning architectural details.

Nature and Artwork at Mount Pleasant

The 205 acres of Mount Pleasant Cemetery feature beautiful flower gardens and many species of rare trees. The miles of walking paths are dotted with picturesque fountains and remarkable works of art and sculpture, and there is incredible architecture in the thousands of monuments within the grounds. The park-like environment and over 14 kilometres of paved roadways makes the cemetery a peaceful and inviting place to explore, and many local residents use the routes for running and walking.

Visiting Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is located at 375 Mount Pleasant Road, north of St. Clair Avenue. (Subway stop is St. Clair.)

Visit Mount Pleasant Cemetery official website for a map of the grounds or call 416-485-9129 for more information.

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