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The CN Tower is an iconic symbol of Toronto and dominates the city skyline from miles around. The tower held the record for the tallest free standing structure on land at 553.3 metres, until it was surpassed by the Burj Dubai tower in late 2007. Nevertheless, the CN Tower remains the tallest on the American continents, attracting over 2 million visitors every year. The tower, constructed by Canadian National (CN), the railroad company, is over 1814 feet tall and offers visitors one of the most dramatic views in the world. Click to book your Toronto City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour.

History of CN Tower

The CN Tower: An iconic symbol of Toronto
The CN Tower: An iconic symbol of Toronto
Canadian National Railroad came up with the concept of building the massive tower in 1968 as a TV and radio communication platform for the greater Toronto area. The plan was officially adopted in 1972 and construction began the following year. The original plans for the tower were different to the way it eventually turned out, with additions and tweaks made during construction. In 1976, the CN Tower, after a cost of $63 million, was finally opened to the public and millions have passed through its doors each year since then. In 1995, Canadian National sold the tower and it has continued to thrive in a well developed tourist section of the city with improved access.

CN Tower Attractions

The dizzying heights of the CN Tower are enough of an attraction in themselves, which proves why so many millions pass through its doors each year. However, there are lots of other things to see and do in the tower, some of which are outlined below:
Reach dizzying heights at the CN Tower
Reach dizzying heights at the CN Tower
Night Lighting: Energy guzzling lights were recently replaced by an LED illumination system that lights up the CN Tower at night, allowing it to be seen from miles around. Every night after sunset, the tower glows red and white, in honor of Canada’s national colors, and then features a short light show at the top of the tower every hour. National holidays and changing seasons inspire other colors and light shows. The Look Out: For one of the best views of Toronto, visitors should visit the Look Out. It takes less than a minute to whiz up 346 meters to enjoy panoramic views and the opportunity to buy a wide range of souvenirs. The Glass Floor: The glass floor is a test of anyone’s nerves! Visitors are invited to stand on 246 square feet of glass panels made of tempered glass with a view of over 1,200’ all the way down! The Sky Pod: The Sky Pod is located at 1465 feet and offers visitors a breathtaking 365 degree view of Toronto and the surrounding areas, including Lake Ontario. On a clear day, it is even possible to see Niagara Falls! Fast Elevators: Hurtle up at 22 km an hour in one of the six glass fronted elevators in the CN Tower – in just under a minute! Himalamazon: One of the most exciting motion picture rides in North America, Himalamazon is a sci-fi journey into the future with superb special effects. 360 degree Restaurant: Dine at one of Canada’s finest restaurants in the magnificent revolving establishment that offers unbeatable views of Toronto from over 350 meters! Click to book your Toronto City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour.

Visiting CN Tower

Bisha Hotel in Toronto
Bisha Hotel overlooking Lake Ontario and the CN Tower
There is no doubt that CN Tower remains one of the most recognized symbols of Toronto, if not of the entire country. With the many wonderful attractions situated within the tower, day and night, plus the opportunity to enjoy awesome views of the city and culinary treats from record heights, it is not difficult to understand the attraction of CN Tower to the millions who visit each year.

Location: 301 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 2T6

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Published On: 2018-09-18
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