The Scarborough Bluffs | A Natural Geological Wonder in Toronto

by Denise Marie

Have you been to the Scarborough Bluffs? The main access to see The Bluffs is at Bluffer’s Park at ‪1 Brimley Rd South in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada‬.

Toronto’s Spectacular Wonder

This natural wonder is a geological record of the latter stages of the Great Ice Age. About 70,000 years ago, sediments made up of plant and animal fossils were left in a river delta. This occurred in the first advance of the Wisconsinan glacier. The fossil sediments formed the lower 46 metre/150 foot portion of The Bluffs. This was then covered by 61 metres/200 feet of alternating layers of sand and boulder clay put there by later advances and retreats of ice. The last withdrawal of the glacier happened about 12,000 years ago. Wind along with water erosion from Lake Ontario are what formed The Bluffs.

The spectacular Scarborough Bluffs

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The Bluffs have attracted scientific interest from around the world. They run along a 15 km stretch on the shore of Lake Ontario, from the Eastern Beaches in Toronto to East Point Park in Scarborough. There are 11 waterfront parks which allow visitors to admire the magnificent beauty of The Bluffs however the main area is Bluffer’s Park.

How to Access from Bluffer’s Park

Follow Brimley Rd South going towards Lake Ontario. Follow this beautiful, tree-lined winding road down to Bluffer’s Park. Keeping to your right, there’s a large paid parking area to your right. Once parked, head towards the lake. Follow the path along the lake to the right and this will lead you to the magnificent Bluffs.

Be sure to check the City of Toronto website for hours of operation.

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