The Historic Kormann House Hotel / Canada House Tavern

by Denise Marie

The Kormann House Hotel (Canada House Tavern) was located at 229 Queen St East (at Sherbourne St) in the Moss Park neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Canada House Tavern in 1972, at Queen St East and Sherbourne St in Toronto, Canada

The Canada House Tavern in 1972 (Courtesy of: City of Toronto Archives)


In 1897, George Foy built the three storey hotel. The late 19th century design featured a beveled corner, cornice, stepped parapet and corbelled brickwork on the northeast corner. The arrangement of windows and doors on the various floors of the building were associated with this period’s Renaissance Revival style. In 1898, hotel keeper Frantz J. Kormann took over operations and named it the Kormann House.

The former Canada House Tavern in 2020

The former Canada House Tavern in 2020

The landmark property received heritage status in 2007 but sits closed to this day. I read there’s plans to convert the building into a condo development.

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