Explore the Unique Kensington Market in Downtown Toronto

by Denise Marie

Located just west of downtown Toronto, Kensington Market is a historic neighborhood that once had the city’s largest populations of European immigrants. Today, this gentrified district is lined with authentic dining establishments, boutiques and other businesses that essentially leave little space for commercial chains.

The historic district of Kensington Market

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Shopping, Dining and Culture

Most of the dining venues in Kensington Market are concentrated along Augusta Avenue. From coffee shops and bistros to casual restaurants and takeout eateries, you’ll find plenty of authentic food options on this vibrant avenue. Many of these establishments offer patio-style and al fresco dining with great views of urban action.

Some of the top ethnic restaurants in the community specialize in Latin, Caribbean, Asian and Mediterranean dishes. Several of the grocery stores in Kensington Market carry a large selection of international items, and they also have traditional butcher shops.

Visitors could sign up for walking food tours that are guided by locals who have already tasted the best products on the streets. For example, By the Sidewalk Food Tours is a company that provides some background information on the history and architecture of the neighborhood.

From flowers and jewelry to fashionable attire and artwork, this chic neighborhood is home to dozens of boutiques and small stores that sell items at bargain prices.

The Toronto School of Burlesque seems like a perfect fit for the Bohemian-inspired Kensington Market. At this venue, ladies can master some erotic and seductive moves in a vintage setting. Visitors can also sign up for the Drop In sessions that offer behind-the-scenes views of the hot action on stages.

Centrally located in the district, Bellevue Square Park entertains crowds with great music and other shows. Additionally, the Festival of Lights is perhaps the biggest annual event in this trendy neighborhood. Celebrating the beginning of the winter season, this lively event usually culminates with live performances at the park.

Kensington Ave in downtown Toronto

Kensington Market in downtown Toronto

Location and Getting Around

Running along Spadina Avenue, the 310 and 510 streetcars of the Toronto Transit Commission will get you to the eastern side of Kensington Market. You should ride the 306 and 506 streetcars to reach the northern end of the district. Additionally, the 307 and 511 streetcars stop on Bathhurst Street that defines the neighborhood’s western end.

Located less than a quarter of a mile away from the neighborhood, the St. Patrick Station get service from the Yonge-University Subway of the TTC. Throughout the year, a section of this community is closed to vehicle traffic.

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