The Humber Cinema | In Toronto’s Bloor West Village from 1949-2019

by Denise Marie

The Humber Cinema was located at 2442 Bloor St West (just west of Jane St) in the Bloor West Village neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Humber Odeon Theatre in 1949 (Courtesy of: Doug Taylor and Archives of Ontario)


The theatre originally opened in 1949 as the Odeon Humber and it had a single screen. It was one of the original five cinemas operated by the Odeon chain in Toronto. I read that the company chose this location because the community in this part of the city was expanding. The theatre was later divided into two auditoriums. In the 1990’s, the Odeon company did a major overhaul adding larger seats, new carpeting, digital sound, a new concession stand and more. However in 2003, just a few years after the renovations, Odeon closed the theatre.

In 2011, the theatre reopened as Humber Cinema. Rui Pereira, who also owns the Kingsway Theatre, converted the Humber Cinema into four auditoriums. The Humber Cinema remained open until 2019. One of the last movies shown was Avengers: Endgame.

Humber Cinema in 2020

The Humber Cinema in 2020

Today, the theatre is set to be demolished. In it’s place will be a luxury, 14 storey mixed-use condo with retail space on the ground floor.

Thanks to Doug Taylor and the Archives of Ontario for the vintage photo.

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