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by Denise Marie

In business since 2012, Glory Hole Doughnuts offers gourmet doughnuts for Toronto’s residents and tourists. Using locally sourced ingredients with organic labels, this independent company strives to preserve authentic and delicious menus. Owned by a passionate pastry chef, the artisan-style establishment takes pride in contributing to the city’s rich culinary scene.

Glory Hole Doughnuts on Queen St. West

Glory Hole Doughnuts location at 1596 Queen St. West in the Parkdale neighbourhood

Delicious Doughnut Options

Glory Hole Doughnuts classifies all of its signature products into three distinct categories. Customers must choose from yeast, cake and vegan options. Yeast is the most important ingredient that’s used to create the delicious treats at this popular establishment. The yeast is allowed to ferment for up to 24 hours before it’s mixed, rolled and further manipulated into custom forms. A secondary fermentation process optimizes the proofing of the yeast. Finally, the raw doughnuts are fried in vegetable oil for the desirable texture.

If you want a fruity taste in your doughnuts, order the yeast types with lime coconut, mango Lassi or raspberry pistachio. The Ferrero Rocher and Chocolate Turtles Cheesecake items are known for their rich and creamy toppings. The Birthday Cake doughnut is made with sour cream mixed into the dough and features custom additions of sprinkles and frosting. Glazed with a lemon olive oil, the 3x Lemon Ricotta Holes are small bites that are part of the store’s cake-style doughnut.

Vegan options at Glory Hole Doughnuts include the Cinnamon Sugar and Hibiscus Glaze. You may eat your favorite desserts with a cup of Hale Coffee or Station Cold Brew. Additionally, the store serves the gourmet-style Boylan Soda in several flavors along with Sloane Tea.

Note that their menu is seasonal and can change two to three times a year so, some of the specific flavours we mentioned above may not always be available. One doughnut that is always on the menu and has been since day 1 is Toast & Butter.

When we’re in the area (and even when we’re not!), we always stop in for a delicious doughnut. Definitely give the Ferrero Rocher and the Rice Krispies doughnuts a try!

Ferrero Rocher & Rice Krispies Treat Doughnuts at Glory Hole Doughnuts

The Ferrero Rocher & Rice Krispies Treat doughnuts

Locations and How to Get There

Glory Hole Doughnuts has a prime location in the heart of Toronto’s Parkdale district, which is lined with authentic eateries and boutique shops. It’s at 1596 Queen St. West. The 301 and 501 Toronto Transit Commission streetcars stop near this popular doughnut store. You may also take the TTC 402 bus if you crave some sweet treats. All three transportation services make multiple stops on the busy Queen St. West.

Additionally, the company operates another store on Gerard Street near the city’s Little India district at 1505 Gerrard St. East. The 306 and 506 TTC streetcars will drop you off just steps away from the doughnut shop, which stands only a few blocks away from the city’s best public beaches along Lake Ontario. During the summer season, you can grab a dozen doughnuts and enjoy them at Woodbine Beach.

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Note: This information can change without notice. Confirm all details directly with the company in question.


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