2020 Home Show – The Big One & Canada Blooms – Get Inspired!

by Denise Marie

UPDATE: Thursday, March 12/20 – SHOW CANCELLED

Held on March 13 through 22, the 2020 Home Show – The Big One & Canada Blooms attracts more than 800 vendors. Known as The Big One, this annual event in Toronto features exhibits on home improvement, gardening and interior design.

Click for more details on the 2020 Home Show - The Big One & Canada Blooms

Click for more details on the 2020 Home Show – The Big One & Canada Blooms (Photo Credit: Canada Blooms)

Show Highlights

The DIY Centre at the Home Show – The Big One is highly recommended for visitor’s who’d like to learn some valuable hands-on skills for home improvement and residential renovations. Led by experts Jordan Spear and Desta Ostapyk, this exhibit teaches visitors how to use common tools and equipment that are typically sold at hardware stores. For example, the DIY Centre reveals great advice on proper tiling, flooring and painting techniques.

Garden lovers should check out the Outdoor DIY Centre, which features Zachary Matchett-Smith, Shawn Monteith and other experts in landscaping and outdoor home design. Additionally, the Skilled Trades College of Canada inspires children and young adults to pursue traditional career paths in construction, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC and more.

At the Tiny Home Village, guests will discover innovative ways to optimize small residential spaces. This exhibit includes several custom-built homes that appeal to consumers who’d like to save money on their future residences. Those with a desire for luxurious living should explore the popular Dream Home, which has a futuristic design with environmentally friendly elements. At the Appliance Dream Pavilion, you’ll find the latest models of washers, dryers, refrigerators and other modern household appliances. The Barbecue Dream Pavilion also has lots of grills and outdoor appliances.

Are you fascinated by modern interior design? Check out the Rooms of the 6ix, which draws heavy inspirations from urban artwork and graffiti. At the Toilography installation, you can admire artistic and functional values of the classic toilet. This exhibit includes a traditional outhouse in a quiet garden setting.

Location and Directions

Part of the historic Exhibition Place, the Enercare Centre hosts the Home Show – The Big One & Canada Blooms. This major convention centre is conveniently located near the Exhibition GO Station, which is part of the Lakeshore West commuter rail line. You can also take the 509 and 511 TTC streetcars to the corner of Manitoba Dr and Strachan Ave West. Additionally, the TTC 363 bus route stops near this busy intersection at Exhibition Place.

Visitors could park their vehicles in outdoor lots on Lake Shore Blvd West and other major streets near the Enercare Centre. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is less than 2 miles away from this event.

Nearby hotels include Hotel X by Library Hotel Collection (0.5 km), The Drake Hotel (approx 2 km) and the Gladstone Hotel (approx 2 km).

Click to visit the Canada Blooms & the National Home Show website. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate.

Note: This information can change without notice. Confirm all details directly with the event/company in question.


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